| ComProfiles® Model


The ComProfiles® Model provides us with a means of analysing the quality of our relationship with other people, of understanding why we have a sense that on some occasions our discussions are harmonious and stimulating whilst, on others, they are frustrating and demotivating.
The central issue where our communication with others is concerned is the satisfaction of our psychological needs.

We have grouped these needs in four main families:

  •     Affection, contact, sharing, belonging…
  •     Attention, stimulation, openness, fun...
  •     Confirmation, methods, structure, knowledge...
  •     Consideration, value, respect, consistency…

When our interaction with another person caters for one of our basic psychological needs, we experience a sense of satisfaction or wellbeing or greater motivation. Conversely, when our interaction with someone fails to satisfy our psychological needs, we feel that we are no longer on the same wavelength as our interlocutor, that our energy levels are falling and that we are losing interest in going any further with this person.

To express and satisfy all the needs which belong to the same family, we use a specific linguistic register which we call a psychological language.
So there is a connection between each family of needs and each psychological language.

A psychological language is a coherent system of:

  •     Observable verbal and non-verbal behaviour
  •     Values and principles which guide our behaviour
  •     Emotional mechanisms
  •     Particular uses of language and grammar
  •     which all help us to express and satisfy our needs.

We all have all these needs and use the four psychological languages.


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