| ComProfiles Tools and Methods

Profiling, diagnostic and evaluation tools

These tools, taught during our "business" itineraries, were all designed thanks to a sustained R&D activity that took between 6 and 40 months of work. Each of these tools is subject to a questionnaire and generates a profile, report or graph. All have the same goal; provide a diagnosis or a source of information (individual or collective) with the objective of:

  • Open new areas for your customers to think about desired changes or improvements and possibly trigger some awareness
  • Expand the exploration and questioning of your customers by crossing information and data from several tools in synergy with each other
  • Provide new data with theoretical or visual content to complement and facilitate the work during a diagnostic phase
Teaching tools and methods

These tools and methods, also taught during our "business" itineraries, are intended to:

  • Help you with some of your interventions by providing theoretical content and practical information to share with your clients in order to facilitate your support
  • To support you in the practice of the different jobs and the organization of the acquired knowledge by gathering a large amount of information in a structured and clear way