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Objective: this path trains you for a career as a teambuilding and effectiveness and change management consultant. We support you as you set up your practice.

Ambition: to train you for an operational role, drawing on our 30 years’ experience of managing change in a wide variety of industries to provide you with a carefully developed package of exercises, games, case-studies and problem-solving and analysis techniques which will enable you to support organisations competently, rigorously and creatively.






Classroom-based course: 36 days over 12 months
introductory module
training modules

Educational methods:

  • Teaching resources: paper and digital versions

  • Individual work: theoretical and practical exercises between training modules

  • Practical workshops: peer-to-peer training

  • Role playing exercises: practical situations played out by students and teachers

  • Simulation exercises: simulated business situations

  • Continued assessment: knowledge assessment exercises, case studies, coaching sessions, workplace scenarios.

  • Real coaching sessions: supervised coaching sessions involving a real client, followed by a debriefing session.

  • Pilot projects: 2 supervised workplace-based assignments

  • Final dissertation: a summary report on a pilot project

Distance learning: online exercises between modules, with support from a tutor

ComProfiles learning platform:
You have unlimited access to the online ComProfiles platform.
You can manage your customer groups, tools and directly download their results.

Training venue: Aix-en-Provence

Tools taught Communication profileInventory of Guiding PrinciplesBehavioural agility handbookOrganisational culture analysis360° feedbackTeam chartTrainer’s handbookTriple Management MechanismRelationships between Profiles MatrixStakeholders chart Decision-making procedure

Professional training and Funding
ComProfiles® training courses and certification programmes are covered by the provisions relating to continuing professional training (art. L6313-1 of the Labour Code). Consequently, you may apply to your OPCA for funding. They will explain the procedure involved and tell you how much funding you could get. We will supply the required administrative documents (for example: professional training contract, estimate of costs, course programme...).

ComProfiles® Certifications and Licence Agreement
ComProfiles® certifications allow holders to obtain a licence to use the ComProfiles® model and its tools. Certified Licence Holders, therefore, have access to all ComProfiles® teaching tools and resources and to their own user account for tools which are available online.

Target audience
Holders of a BAC+3 qualification (or equivalent). Possibility of validation of professional experience and motivations, and VAE system. 

Course cost: please contact us for details



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To train you for an all-round profession which you can enter immediately, by guaranteeing synergy between the 3 areas so you can enjoy a lasting and successful career.

Train you in a turnkey profession, based on the ComProfiles model, by providing you with expertise and teaching methods.

To train you to a profession in full evolution, by relying on the ComProfiles model, allowing you to accompany the human with competence, innovation and confidence.