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A Research and Training institute

What makes us unique is that we are both a research and a training institute. We devise training courses for Coaches - Consultants - Trainers and create the tools and methods we provide for them.

These are the fruit of over 30 years of research work which is still ongoing today.  

ComProfiles Academy trains you for an all-round, enriching and long-term career: Coach - Consultant - Trainer

Over the last 15 years, the number of coaches trained in specialised training institutions has rocketed. 
Even though the role of coaching in human development has gradually been recognised in businesses, it is difficult to make a living from coaching alone.

It is our view that the profession of business coach is no longer a standalone career, but rather a skill set which comes into its own in combination with two other professional roles: trainer and consultant. When all rolled into one, coaching, training and consulting complement one another perfectly. They are mutually reinforcing and each opens up opportunities for the other two: together, they form an all-round career and constitute a genuine professional identity.

ComProfiles Academy’s remit is to train you for this all-round, exciting and long-term career. You will become fully proficient in these 3 areas and will be ready for a career as a CCT.

ComProfiles Academy guarantees you the consistency and synergy of the three occupations of: Coaching - Consultancy - Training

If we analyse the coaching courses offered by most specialised institutions, it has to be said that they often offer a mishmash of disparate methods and tools, each of which is interesting in itself, but whose overall uniformity and compatibility cannot be guaranteed.
What makes ComProfiles Academy different is that we offer CCTs (Coach-Consultant-Trainers) easy-to-use and enriching tools which are fully compatible with each other. This ensures the consistency of procedures in the three areas, time savings and more detailed situation analysis.
All of these tools are taken directly from the ComProfiles® Model which Professor Robert Weisz has developed over a period of 30 years. 

They cover:

  •     Personal development 
  •     The development of human beings and teams 
  •     The development of organisations

Give energy to people under stress.

Olivier Tabatoni  & Robert Weisz

With a unique perspective on the synergies between finance, strategy & leadership, Oliver Tabatoni breaks down academic barriers as he trains leaders from around the world. In a battle of words with Robert Weisz, the creator of the ComProfiles® model, the two men explain why we need to give energy to people under stress, in other words why we need to give energy to those who are stealing ours.

This program Le Tête à Tête Décideurs is devoted to behavioural agility. Meeting with Robert Weisz, Founder of Comprofiles Academy.