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    360° feedback is a method in which a manager is evaluated by his/her work colleagues (managers, peers, subordinates...), and in which he/she also evaluates him or herself. So the manager gets an all-round picture of him or herself.
The evaluation focuses on the manager’s skills and on potential risks and vulnerabilities.
The numerical results of the evaluation, together with the discrepancies between the evaluations of different groups of respondents, are used to identify key areas for development and improvement.
It highlights the manager’s leadership style with regard to his or her own personal development and the development of colleagues, the organisation and the business. It was developed in line with the ComProfiles® model, which creates a synergy with the communication profile.
For a coach, this tool is a resource to help a coachee draw up his/her personal development plan. 
It shows whether the skills the manager uses in the workplace, as observed from the outside by his or her superior, peers and subordinates (external analysis), are consistent with the behavioural preferences he or she described in the communication profile (internal analysis).