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Sophie REGIS   -  +33 7 82 24 97 63-  sophie.regis@orange.fr   -  Linkedin

“The ComProfiles trainers course taught me a lot about myself.

“It enabled me to identify my psychological needs and better understand my attitudes and expectations. It gave me a clear picture of where my strengths lie and the areas I need to work on and it helped to improve my professional standing.  What I learned about myself and others has helped me to handle interpersonal situations more effectively and better understand other people’s needs so I can adapt to them in a constructive way.

I developed as a person and got a better understanding of who I am.



The course enabled me to take on new professional responsibilities in which behavioural agility is even more meaningful.

I’ll also be able to use my ComProfiles training for the benefit of others. It enables a manager to become adaptable and more responsive to the needs of his/her employees, to understand him or herself and retain his/her talents. It is through learning about him or herself that a manager can allow others to learn about themselves.

I highly recommend this course which provides a new way of looking at yourself and at others”.



Carole DENIS   -  AMAROO Ressources Plus  -  +33 7 78 05 16 58  -  carole.denis@amaroo.fr   -  Linkedin

“A course which offers a wealth of learning opportunities and practical experience, expertly organised by Robert Weisz, who both devised and teaches the method. 

Not only is the concept based on several strata such as Emotional Intelligence, the psychology of stress, NLP, and other complementary topics (which gives it a certain depth with this skilful combination of techniques), but the course is also based on realistic, concrete examples which anyone could have come across, from a distance or up close, in his or her professional or personal life. 

Robert has a genuine passion for passing on his knowledge. He’ll give you the vital skills you need to recognise different types of communicators among the people you interact with and develop a comfortable relationship with them all, so you’ll be able to adapt and effortlessly handle the sometimes difficult and conflictual situations of everyday professional life. And in the long run, you’ll develop your potential and position and, in turn, those of your employees.



Michel FRISQUE   -  WinPeaks  -  +33 6 16 27 56 63  -  michel.frisque@gmail.com  -  Linkedin

“If I had to recommend a training centre for developing your “change manager career”, it would have to be ComProfiles Academy.

You’ll meet Professor Robert WEISZ and his team of high-calibre trainers. He has a rare talent for passing on knowledge, making things simple but not dumbing them down. 

You also develop personally because the educational approach sets you on a personal journey which boosts your agility, talents and skills.”



Emmanuel MEBRATU  -  emmamebratu@sfr.fr  -  Linkedin

“The course’s strengths? 

It’s a Short Course whose structure is based on complex material delivered by highly skilled teachers, but which is simplified and made easily digestible for the purpose of delivering the basics;

A Team of Trainers who are all different but who complement each other well, who are caring, work in a spirit of creative co-construction and who are able to adapt very skilfully to the reactions and learning curve of the group of participants.

It was an enriching experience on many levels and one I’d recommend to anyone who wants to learn how to help others develop.



Laurent de DIEULEVEULT -  ldedieuleveult@yahoo.fr  -  Linkedin

Communicating, listening, questioning ourselves, giving priority to others, valuing and helping our employees progress: we often do not take enough time to devote ourselves to this when we are caught up in our daily lives and our professional obligations.

It is never too late to learn and develop new talents. At 30 or 60, you can discover, understand and practice your emotional skills. We can learn to support people and organisations in their change projects.

After more than 35 years spent in a large group in human resources management and administrative and financial management positions in France and abroad, I had the opportunity to stop for a moment, take a step back and follow the career path coach, consultant, trainer proposed by ComProfiles Academy within the IAE of Aix - Marseille.

Whether you make it your profession or put it into practice in your company management style, the teachings given with intelligence, requirement and kindness by Professor Robert Weisz and his team are rich, practical and open up new ways in your relationship with others.

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