| Training for Managers and Executives



| Behavioural Agility and Leadership training

An interactive course involving practical learning and specific training on how to implement ComProfiles methods and tools. 

It is designed to enable you to handle difficult communication situations and demonstrate all your leadership skills. 



| Training for HR professionals

| Creativity and change training

This ComProfiles course is specially designed to enable human resources professionals to support managers:

  • in meeting the challenges of demonstrating leadership
  • in leading personal development projects
  • in assessing a person’s profile in terms of behavioural skills and interpersonal potential
  • with the complexities of collective performance: complementarity of profiles and team building
  • in dealing with people who are stressed: knowing how to care for them and help them to recover their capacity to adapt
  • in damaged or conflictual relationships: knowing how to help individuals to re-establish a harmonious relationship


| Team Effectiveness Training

How do you build a winning team? 

How do you manage a team so as to get the best out of the people in it, motivate them and make them more productive?

These are the questions addressed by the “Team Effectiveness and Performance” course. It teaches leadership styles and organisational methods which improve teams’ ability to adapt to change and encourage collaboration, synergy and commitment within them.


Change is all around us. If a business wants to survive it has to continually adapt to it.

Every change is different: there is no set and consistently effective method for handling it. 

So we must be creative in the way we manage it so as to:

  • Reinforce commitment
  • Break down resistance

By bringing people together and involving them in the creation of ideas and solutions.



| Leading a Team Project course

This course enables students to acquire the knowledge and skills required to:

  • Create synergy in a project team
  • Solve communication issues among the members of a project team
  • Select a leadership style and decision-making process which suit the project team and the situations involved
  • Implement collaborative processes which improve a project team’s performance
  • Gain an understanding of problems associated with resources and their allocation

Companies and Client Groups :